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Sky News

MH17 Plane Crash: Around 80 Bodies 'Missing'

Investigators say the search for victims must go on as US intelligence says Russia "created the conditions" for the disaster.

Airlines Halt Israel Flights Amid Rocket Fire

EasyJet is the latest airline to ground flights to Tel Aviv after rocket fire, as Israel urges the carriers to reconsider.

Queen's Gold Cup-Winning Horse Fails Drug Test

Buckingham Palace says a positive test for banned substance morphine is thought to have come from a contaminated feed product.

Montana Judge Suspended Over Rape Comments

Judge Todd Baugh is suspended for 31 days for comments he made about a female rape victim who took her own life in 2010.

Gaza Conflict: Palestinians Propose Truce Plan

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu urges the international community to hold militant group Hamas accountable for the latest violence.

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Many people are getting RS gold

Posted by jiejie on July 23, 2014 at 6:22 0 Comments

If she is more like a vivacious diva and dresses elegant, get her a simple daily design which does not hinder in her activities or get captured on things. Preferably, go for RS 3 Gold a minimal and a simple design which stands out simultaneously. If your associate is traditionally inclined, opt for a elegant aspect of gold jewelry and create her encounter like a princess. Consider the complexion of your associate before you buy anything as it should coordinate with the adornment and not look odd. You can also existing your near ones with a valued ownership on their wedding with an exquisite gold set. You can get various kinds of gold jewelry such as, necklace, ear-rings, bracelets, anklet, group and such to match your design and character.

Gold is never out of design. It is exposed to daily deterioration without a individual effect. The best thing about gold jewelry is its superior value for cash. Gold jewelry never loses its appeal. You can burn your old gold jewelry and add that cost to the new one, thus buying ornaments within an affordable budget.

With gold costs at sky-high value right now, many people are getting gold as an financial commitment. If you are purchasing gold jewelery from a private sale, there is a possibility that you might just end up creating an investment in "fools" gold. This content provides you with some guidelines pertaining to buying jewelry and how to preserve from getting tricked.

These gold cash will not be only amazing

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These $20 gold cash will not be only amazing and also unusual. Only 35 cash were created with the time frame and this specific evidence cash is regarded the Rolls Royce of cash. For the high-finish buyer, anticipate to Runescape Gold pay between $9,000 and $35,000 for an opportunity to personal regarded one of these proofs.

Humbert was chargeable for a selection of gold cash and his $50 €slugs€ seem to get probably the most interest. Collectors enjoy this cash as it has a significant story to tell, coming immediately out of the gold hurry in 1849. It tells a bit of concerning the hurry as probably the most necessary products of U. s. states background in terms of gold. Pricing was not available for this cash though an exclusive $50 gold aspect could be value thousand upon Thousands nowadays.

Sometime designated because the Coronet Eagles, these cash have been released as a aspect of U. s. states way of life for over 75 years. Although minted for an longer timeframe of time these drawbacks are incredibly priceless as the starting cost for lovers is usually at least $10,000. Although it's possible you'll acquire a standard time frame one for just some $ 100 if it is a route that interests you.

The hotels are built up of outstanding developing

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In this town you might discover a variety of hotels such as company hotels, honeymoon vacation hotels, private flats, hotels and price range hotels. From luxurious to magnificent areas can be reserved as per the requirements and price range of the visitors. The hotels are built up of outstanding developing, outstanding statue, outstanding art perform and fantastic lighting. The round the travel alarm clocks solutions of the place staff is available that allows the visitors to have a comfortable remain.

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The fresh and fashionable space service will be offered to the visitors in the hotels of Shore. In the place visitors might discover all necessary and magnificent features of air conditioning equipment, television, telephone, space support, tea and coffee machines, fresh bathrooms and many more. Moreover, for company visitors the meeting areas and meeting places service are available as well. In inexpensive hotels in Gold Shore 24X7 solutions are existing to help the individuals all adequate time. This may support you have fun with wonderful remain and also these hotels are wonderfully connected to the significant international airports which help us to website in transport. http://www.viprunescape.com/

You will earn your option of reward

Posted by jiejie on July 22, 2014 at 5:09 0 Comments

Ritual of the Mahjarrat is it all grandmaster pursuit chronologically, which needs 77 Speed, 76 Designing and 76 Exploration. Plus the great pursuit requirements, don't you think the discover bargain Runescape Gold reward is a little weak?
What reward you can get?

Access to battle a new Barrows sibling - Akrisae the Ruined and acquire new Barrows devices.Three 80K XP Lights, which can only be used for skills stage 72 or greater, and cannot be counted.3 pursuit points; 110K Speed XP, 60K Structure XP, 40K Designing XP and 40K Exploration XP.Access to my own Scourge ore and new lunar cause Track Scourge Ore.Capability for making Scourge arrows and screws with the required Fletching and Smithing stages.

Able to battle Glacors and acquire drops once you murdered it.Capability to create an Armadyl staff to improve the destruction of the Surprise of Armadyl cause.A reward 3K Prayer XP by eliminating Arrav.Capability to acquire battle extra bonuses in certain areas, such as up to 6% extra harm.You can acquire headgear or spear by beating Hati or Skoll or by growing the rich wisps at the community south-east of Rellekka. After bring spear or headgear to their owner, you will earn your option of reward Prayer or Divination XP, plus aesthetic bypass editions of the two items.




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Starlets Gift Shop

Starlets Gift Shop is only for the UK , but does hope to sell to the rest of the world soon

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Big Mystery in the Perseus Cluster

A mysterious X-ray signal from the Perseus cluster of galaxies, which researchers say cannot be explained by known physics, could be a key clue to the nature...

Mary Jane posted a blog post

July News Letter

Summer Time is it here.... Are we sure.... Mother Nature would like us to think not with all the coldness at night.... Making us feel like it's Fall instead of Summer Time! Or it may be Spring as one would think from all this Rain and yet it's Really Summer even if Mother Nature is trying to make us think it's not! But in other parts of the world it's actually Winter time! Wonder if Mother Nature is playing a game on you as well!!!! .... Come join us and tell us what your weather actually feels like!Mary and the Staff here would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new members, we are happy to have you here with us and hope you enjoy your stay. Please, if you haven't yet, take the time to introduce yourself, as much or as little as you like either in [Member Introductions or Making New Friends - group].As some of you have gathered it's that time again for our 'bimonthly' Newsletter where we will keep you well inform as to what's happening in our community! The next…See More

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Space Station Live: Flock of CubeSats to Image Earth

Space Station Live commentator Brandi Dean interviews Chris Boshuizen, co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs. This interview aired during Space Station Live on J...

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"More rain on the way"

ann jeck ann ann posted a blog post

Cheap Wolf Grey Jordan 3

Cheap Wolf Grey Jordan 3.Michelle Wie enjoys her major moment on Sunday at Pinehurst No. 2. (AP) It's hard to conceive of a neater story in golf this year than Michelle Wie, on a summer evening in the sand hills of North Carolina, holding a United States Women's Open trophy. What an enriching sight. A bright, personable, 24-year-old Hawaiian won her country's national championship; and what an unforgettable, sometimes hellish journey to get there, too. Wie's story has it all. Triumphant arrival. Accolades, even awe. Then, turbulence. Skepticism. Failure. Missteps, rules violations. A career seemingly gone awry. Pressure and public opinion, crushingly negative.And this is all before she graduated high school.Then, the craziest thing happened in this keep-it-to-140-characters-or-I'm-bored world. Michelle Wie slowed her journey down. She breathed. She didn't collapse. She lived. Thrived, even.She went to Stanford. Made new friends. She…See More

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Jul 16

Pwd-Sd-Awareness added 2 discussions to the group Help Desks and issues.
Jul 14

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Extending Oak Kitchen Island - a Smart Idea for a Small Kitchen!

Recently I have moved to the new house, it’s a lovely little cottage in Cornwall. The accent here is on ‘little’ of course. It was build last century to fit the needs of Cornish fishermen, so obviously it is not focused on being spacious and luxurious, just cosy and practical. It is a lovely place, and full of character. The only downside is the size of the kitchen work tops. They are absolutely tiny! Once I have placed the microwave, the kettle and utensils on top, there’s not enough room for anything else. So when I cook and have all the ingredients and spices handy on a display, I struggle to find a room to chop the veg or put a spoon or a pot cover on the side. It’s a juggle sometimes!…See More
Jul 14

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Jul 9

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Jul 9

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"World Cup Shock: Brazil 5-0 Down To Germany"
Jul 8

Mary Jane posted a status
"Super Typhoon Neoguri Barrels Towards Japan, http://j.mp/1zkfbFY"
Jul 7

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Rozalia the 100yr old little girl HAUNTING HER DEAD BODY

Rozalia and her sad story. please subscribe, share in facebook... help us grow. thank you.
Jul 5

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Space Station Cameras and Crew Capture Views of Tropical Storm Arthur

Cameras mounted on the truss of the International Space Station captured a dramatic view of Tropical Storm Arthur at 9:29 a.m. Eastern time July 2 as the sta...
Jul 3

Mary Jane posted a status
"Arthur Upgraded To Hurricane As It Nears Coast"
Jul 3

Mary Jane posted a photo
Jul 3

ann jeck ann ann posted a blog post

Real Jordan 6 Sport Blue 2014 For Sale Online

LOUISVILLE, Ky Buy Sport Blue 6s 2014 For Cheap . (WDRB) – This is the way it works with several NBA scouts that I have developed relationships with through the years:I ask them questions. Then they ask me questions.I ask them about what NBA teams like and dislike about the local prospects. They ask me about my encounters with the same guys during their college careers.That is the way it worked last week when I talked to a scout about Russ Smith, the former University of Louisville guard.I asked for a range of where Smith will be selected in the 2014 NBA Draft Thursday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He said that Smith could be taken as high as 25th – and as low as 45th."If he was three inches taller, he'd be a lottery pick," the scout said. "He loves the bright lights and he loves the big stage."I agreed.He asked about my interactions with Smith during his four seasons as a Cardinal.This is the story I told him: Two weeks ago…See More
Jul 3

Mary Jane added a discussion to the group Hurricanes

July 4 Hurricane Fears As 'Arthur' Approaches

July 4 Hurricane Fears As 'Arthur' ApproachesA tropical storm warning is put in place for the entire North Carolina coast as Arthur churns north ahead of the holiday weekend.The first tropical storm of the season is threatening to morph into a hurricane by July 4 as it spins up the US East Coast.Arthur, as the menacing storm has been named, may jeopardise many people's holiday plans as it barrels north-eastwards.A tropical storm warning has been issued for the entire North Carolina coast, where the storm is predicted to graze the state's Outer Banks on Friday.Forecasters say the storm could reach hurricane status by the time it reaches the string of narrow barrier islands that are not only a popular holiday destination but also prone to flooding.Hotel owners, tourism officials and would-be vacationers are keeping a watchful eye on the storm's track, and local authorities are making preparations."We want everybody to be safe and prepared, but we are not overly concerned at this point,"…See More
Jul 2

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A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by namesSee More
Jul 2





A Cosmic Mirror - The Multiverse By Amoran

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions 51 minutes ago. 0 Replies

A Cosmic Mirror - The Multiverse By AmoranGreetings Beloved Cosmic Brethren!With Joy, I am moved to share another little part of the evolving story of the Blooming EarthFlower. This is continued from Part One, the Sisterhood of the Serpent and the Rose, which can be found here.And so the vision begins ....~~~~~~~~~~Father Source is again with me. I find myself now sitting on his lap. I am but a very small child. Source smiles at me with a Gleam in his Eyes ... he tells me:"You have seen the first flower of the EarthBloom! Come, let us watch this now Together ... "I then find myself once again watching the prior events unfold. I am on the "outside" this time, though, - external to all that is happening.I see myself flying with the Hammer ... I see now that there were 5 Dragons who "tackled" me. They are my Guardian group so it really was all in good fun!Each dragon lovingly but firmly takes hold - two on my two arms and two on my two legs ... and the 5th Beautiful White Dragon, named Ima, is the one who nips my hand to allow the Hammer to fall ... Ima is Glorious! She is all sparkling white ... almost Golden with Blue Eyes .... As I continue to stand outside of these events, I see the Hammer again falling .... falling ... right into the Hands of the Beautiful Faery Goddess. I seed her Face very clearly now!She is so Beautiful, Wise, Serene, and Determined in her Giving to Us. She quietly whispers a loving message:…Continue


Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions 22 hours ago. 0 Replies

A Message From The "We Are Here" TeamWe are here. It is our desire to share these messages and offer an invitation for humans to establish a strong link and awareness connected to the many aspects of their own multidimensional reality. Each and every individual who awakens to the knowing that they are multidimensional starhumans contributes to the whole.It is important for humans to realize that they travel from one dimension to another many times a day. Remember you only see what you believe. Reality will match your beliefs. The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. This truth is becoming known to many on your planet.It is the awareness and the welcoming that allow for the merging and the exchange between our frequency and vibration and your frequency and vibration. Our invitation to you and to all other multidimensional starhumans is to allow the softening and the merging of the dimensions. Let there be a flow, gently and smoothly.It is a matter of shifting frequency and vibration. The most powerful tool in this hologame on earth, the golden key so to speak, is the conscious practice and skill at holding a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation no matter what is happening, continuing to return to the alchemical chalice of the heart and radiate these vibrations into your daily life, moment to moment to moment.These are incredible times upon your planet. There is a shift in the matrix that is taking place. Humanity is experiencing considerable shifts in perceived reality. You have always been straddling multi-realties; the shift that is happening now is that you are awakening and becoming conscious that you are doing it. You are aware of your physical surroundings, those frozen in your perception, and you are also aware of the information we are offering—that with very…Continue

Create Peace In The World With One Action

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions yesterday. 0 Replies

Create Peace in the World with One Actionby Archangel MetatronChannelled through Natalie Glasson-16-07-14-www.omna.orgIt is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a humble and grateful way and love everyone else in an open compassionate way. While mastering the act of sharing the natural love existing within your being is important there is one habit and energy needing to be dissolved before love can truly reign, be empowered and experienced in your reality. Without true realisation of this habit love cannot completely be recognised for its healing and uplifting power. When many people meditate and achieve spiritual practices seeking the experience of enlightenment they actually end up experiencing the power of the essence of love within their being as when fully embraced your love is transformational, fuels wellbeing and health, acceptance and manifestation of abundance, the experience of freedom through bliss and a heightened awareness of life through divine wisdom. Love is a major force that is needed to be expressed by all beings upon the Earth but it is the presence of judgment which requires focus in order to fuel and give space from the growth of love.Judgement is a thought process which encourages you to focus upon negativity and even create the energy of negativity within your aura and being. When you create a judgment of any kind you are sending a message out to yourself, those around you, the universe and the Creator that you are not happy or satisfied with your reality. It is a powerful message to be unconsciously sharing, you are creating a message within your being and mind that nothing and no one is good enough, others and you do not deserve love or compassion, the world you exist in is…Continue

The Fairies and the Unicorns ~ The lands of Mystery By Meline LaFont

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions on Sunday. 0 Replies

Méline:I've been connecting with the Dolphin Collective to ask if our beautiful family wanted to share a message from their beautiful hearts, as it has been such a long time since I have received a message from them. The Dolphins replied to me that they are in the full process of keeping this Ascension Process for the highest good of all as they function as the keepers for the grids on Earth and are very busy with keeping these grids in balance during these intense shifts and this movement in consciousness as well as with the dissolving of the old. So instead the Fairies and the Unicorns were willing to come through today with a beautiful message from the heart. The Fairies and the Unicorns ~ The lands of Mystery Beautiful hearts, wondrous souls on adventure in the lands of Gaia. We speak to you with much gratitude and with a profound respect for all of you, for these wondrous times of shifts and ascension are of the utmost demanding type of soul work for you all dear hearts. Astounding glimmer and light cities are activating their existence upon your planes of awakening and being, and this thanks to all of your heart work, your diligence and your thrive to become the new Race of Human/God consciousness in One. The so called lands of Mystery bear no longer such secrets for you, for those are here to unfold along with your Cosmic wisdom and inner center of essence. Your Light is reaching the shores of other dimensions and realities so that participation from the other realms are obviously and possible to occur in a more stable and conscious state of being. Allow our journey to begin now as a unity of One and let us elaborate more on that part, dear hearts. We abound in the Now to open your Cosmic hearts of being, through the creation and the flame of Mother/Father God in these beautiful expressions of your human vehicle experience. As the doors of your Cosmic heart are being opened through the desire and the will of being One in Love and in Harmony, the entire…Continue

Open Your Heart To The Field Of All Possibilities

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Jul 16. 0 Replies

A Message from Archangel Gabriel By Kasha GlazebrookOpen your heart to the energy of love. Although this may sound counter-intuitive during times of chaos, where adopting a defensive safe posture may seem more logical, we say to you now that the heart is the only truly safe place to be centred. Here all possibilities open up. Here all your power exists! Here is respite... and renewal where one may witness the Maya, the illusion all around you. It will give you perspective and dissolve any overwhelm you may be feeling emotionally. This is not to say that you do not take action. We simply suggest you take action from within a heart centred consciousness. This will ensure that your thoughts, words and deeds are infused and guided by love , helping to dissolve duality within yourself and within the world at large. As you walk through your day always remember this sense of peace, security and unity is only just a choice away."Words ~Archangel Gabriel via Kasha GlazebrookMusic ~Vangelis "Rachel's Song"Images~ Erial Ali www.erial.us Kagay www.kagaystudio.com Google Images/PhotobucketI give thanks & honor all the unknown artistsKasha Mama Creationshttp://www.facebook.com/KashaMamaContinue

The Awakening...Deep Within...By Judith Kusel

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Jul 15. 0 Replies

The Awakening…. deep within…Posted on July 7, 2014 by Judith Kusel under Earth energies + energy vortexThe awakening in consciousness is the true movement of higher energy fields, into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of mankind and planet earth on multiple levels and in different forms.When one thinks of energy one has to understand that in essence all energy is made up of minute particles of light, which vibrate at a certain frequency. Therefore the new energy now works on multiple levels, and that is color and sound. Both combine to form the nucleus of the new technology which will become the way of life, in the New Golden Age.First of all in order for us to be able to tap into and utilize this energy and the energy fields being released to the optimum, we have to awaken from deep within. For in reality we ARE pure energy – our bodies are pure energy, and the earth is pure energy.In the 3D world this energy was sluggish and very dense, and now that we are moving into the new dimension, this energy is becoming lighter and less dense. This is because the light quotient levels are going up, and thus we are able to absorb higher frequencies etc.Our greatest source of energy absorption comes in two major forms or structures in the body: the chakras or energy wheels, and the 33 vertebrae of our spinal column. The other energy fields are there in the crown of our heads, in the heart center and in the coccyx bowl. It is when all…Continue

Ananda Giri - Oneness

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Jul 14. 0 Replies

Moola MantraOmSat Chit Ananda ParabrahmaPurushothama ParamatmaSri Bhagavathi SamethaSri Bhagavathe NamahaThis mantra evokes the living God, asking protection and freedom from all sorrow and suffering. It is a prayer that adores the great creator and liberator, who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form. This Moolamantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world, who have chanted, or even listened to it. It has the power to transport ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless joy. The calmness that the mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Dear reader, here is the key with which any door to spiritual treasure could be opened. A tool which can be used to achieve all desires. A medicine which cures all ills. The nectar that can set man free! All auspiciousness and serenity is yours simply by chanting or listening to this magnificent Moolamantra.Whenever you chant the Moolamantra even without knowing the meaning of it, that itself carries power. But when you know the meaning and chant with that feeling in your heart then the energy would flow million times more powerful. Therefore it is essential to know the meaning of the Mantra when you use it.The Mantra is like calling a name. Just like when you call a person he comes and makes you feel his presence, the same manner when you chant this mantra, the supreme energy manifests everywhere around you. As the Universe is Omnipresent, the supreme energy can manifest anywhere and any time. It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger.Simplified meaning of the moola mantraOm - We are calling on the highest energy, of all there isSat - The formlessChit - Consciousness…Continue

The Laws of Creation In This Time By Archangel Raphael & AA Metatron Via Natalie Glasson

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Jul 12. 0 Replies

The Laws of Creation in this Timeby Archangel Raphael and Archangel MetatronChannelled through Natalie Glasson- 2nd July 2014- www.omna.orgWith blessings and love, we, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron, come forth to greet you in this exciting period of evolution upon the Earth and the inner planes. It is a time of evolution of the physical body, emotional body and mental body especially due to the fact that these three bodies have been instigated into a spiral of transformation and activation in order to exist in deeper oneness with your spiritual body, soul and the Creator, thus activating all that is heavenly within the core of your being to be fully present within all aspects of your being. No longer can one shy away from the light and truth of their being, it is time to fully embrace the supreme vibrations and consciousness of your true self.You may have noticed a deep continuous cleansing within your emotional, mental and physical bodies this was truly activated by your wish and acceptance of the love of the Creator, now your entire being is mirroring the process of transformation and shifting occurring within the very core of the universe of the Creator. So much is falling away to be replaced with a purer consciousness, existence and perspective, to allow everything to harmonise with abundant and diverse vibrations of love. That which you are now is shifting, do not be fearful of transformation and change within your being, it is important to face the truth with your eyes wide open understanding that every morning you awake from your sleep you have changed. With your emotional, mental and physical bodies purifying it is as if each time you enter into a sleep state these three bodies enter into an accelerated transformation and…Continue

Whale Wisdom By Kasha Glazebrook

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Jul 12. 0 Replies

Guardians of Earth rise up ~ This home we all share as One Being, One Soul, One Heart ~ The Sky which we all share, The Moon which we all feel, The Sun that shines equally on One and All ~ Open your heart to receive the Unconditional Love that has been bestowed on you since time immemorial ~ One Heart beating in Unity, a divine dance, choreographed by the Heavens above ~ Life only wants the best for you in every moment. Accept this support and love. Trust it and let it give you faith to fulfil your calling, your mission ~ As a free-will Being you have immense power, as you are able to give back to Life that which is given to you ~ This is not out of duty, but out of Joy! For it is when you claim your power as co-creators that you move into the divine flow, and into bliss ~ As we continue to weave the New-Earth Matrix within our oceans, we ask you to also weave the matrices on Land ~ Connect in with your own 'Whale Wisdom', the depth of inner knowing that lies dormant within your own DNA ~ We are Wisdom Keepers, carriers of Ancient Knowledge, however so are you. We exist to remind you of that which you Are, that which is within All Humanity ~ By connecting in with us you also connect in to your own wisdom, activating your DNA and your Mission for this time on Earth ~ Join with our Hearts and calibrate to our codings. It is simply a matter of Asking...and it is done! ~ Release your mind from past experiences and future concerns. All your happiness and power exists here. ~ Celebrate Life! your joy exists in this Now moment. Claim it as your birthright. ~Kasha GlazebrookI created this video after having a profound dream about a Whale. The whale was showing me a dimensional gateway between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions, a sort of portal where it was possible to watch the…Continue

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We have been in touch with Cornwall Mp's and we are please to say we have email's from Mp's with their support, Copy of the email's can be found here …


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