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We All Need Each Other By Allison

Posted by Steve Hutchinson on November 13, 2014 at 7:48 0 Comments

We All Need Each Other

We all have our people. The tribe of folks providing a safety net of security so that we can take courageous leaps that would otherwise paralyze us in fear. These are the same faces that breath encouragement into us when we are broken and joyously celebrate our highs.

We can live life more fully because of the support of our people.

This weekend I had the opportunity of attending the Allume writer’s conference in South Carolina. On my way home, I stopped through Atlanta for a night with my sister’s family.

As I waited at the Marta station this morning to take a train to the airport, I noticed an elderly woman standing uncomfortably hunched over clutching her bag as if somebody were going to grab it and run. Her acute self-awareness clearly communicated this was her first and last Marta trip to the airport.

In an effort to put her at ease, I engaged in small talk about my three children. Her flight was not for another 6 hours but she worried about this trip to the airport, a ride her children had assured was a simple process.

The direct train to the…


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Nov 21

Mary Jane posted a video

NASA | Asteroid Bennu's Journey

Bennu's Journey is a 6-minute animated movie about NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission, Asteroid Bennu, and the formation of our solar system. Born from the rubble of ...
Nov 20

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"Hello every one"
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Fifa 14 Coins it is an acutely

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Nov 12

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margeryjessica posted a blog post

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Nov 7

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margeryjessica posted blog posts
Nov 4

margeryjessica posted a blog post

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Oct 31

Mary Jane posted a video

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Discusses Science With Space Station Crew

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden had a chance to explore the scientific research being conducted aboard the International Space Station during an in-flight ...
Oct 28

Mary Jane posted videos
Oct 27

Mary Jane posted videos
Oct 25

Mary Jane posted a video

Satellites See Powerful Hurricane Gonzalo Hit Bermuda

NOAA's GOES-East satellite video of Hurricane Gonzalo's movement from Oct. 15-17 where it made landfall in Bermuda. Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project More infor...
Oct 21

Mary Jane posted a video

10/13/14 - Develoment of Atlantic Hurricane Force low, Hurricane Fay, & Hurricane Gonzalo

This animation shows the development of a hurricane force low in the Atlantic through the SEVIRI RGB Air Mass product and the Geocolor imagery. In addition, ...
Oct 15

Mary Jane posted a video
Oct 6

Mary Jane posted videos
Oct 3

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Scheduling Chat at online

October 1, 2014 at 6pm to November 7, 2014 at 7pm
G'Day one and all! The staff here at b-yond would love to here from our members. What about a Topic for our schedule chat. Yes we normally decide to have a chat scheduled with a topic in mind, however we want to make this site member oriented. It's your social network too therefore we truly would love to hear from our members.So here's our questions:1. What topic would you love to have for our schedule chat?2. What date would you prefer [Month, Day, Time]?You may go either to our facebook page here or to our b-yondsocialnetwork.com under event to add your opinion[s].We appreciate your input and cannot wait to here what topics comes up. Yes it could be from the weather in your world to service dogs and anything in between.Thank you for participating.See More
Oct 1

mixtape artist posted a blog post

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Oneness With All That Is - By Melanie Beckler

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

Free Channeled Oneness MessageSimply breathe, relax, and listen to connect with this uplifting message of Divine light and oneness channeled by Melanie Beckler…Or keep reading as this channeled message has been transcribed for you below.To listen to this message, simply click the play button below. Right click to save to your computer (ctrl click mac)… Or press and hold on iPad.This .MP3 angel message is set to the channeled meditative music of Thaddeus by Sanaya Roman00:0000:0019:57Podcast: Play in new window | Download“At this time, I ask that we be surrounded with divine white light, with 100,000 angels and with each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels of healing love and light, come in.Enter into this present time and space, wrap us in wings of love, assist us in becoming present, quieting our minds, opening our hearts and entering inward to tune in to the knowledge, wisdom and healing which will most serve now. And I ask that the highest and best possible channeling guides who can most serve now, please come in, connect and channel through me now” Indeed, we are here. We are the guides, angels and ascended masters who serve humanity here and now in walking the path of light and love, and returning to the union with Source, God, One.We serve, according to divine will, to help you align with what is rightfully yours, which always has been, but which has been hidden from your knowing and your experience through layers of illusion and energies of…Continue

Any Question Can Be Answered - AA Gabriel Through Shanta Gabriel

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Inspiration for the Week - Any Question Can Be Answereda message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta GabrielSunday, 16 November, 2014 The Gabriel Message card for this week:When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world you inhabit, and any question can be answered.  We all want so much to have the answers to our myriad questions about life. Sometimes this can feel frustrating, one of those so near and yet so far situations, like we have the words at the tip of our tongue.But often the answers do not come as full sentences and clear information at the time we ask. Posing the questions to our Higher Wisdom is essential however as the first step to creation of more clarity within us. The intention to receive is important to begin the process.What I have noticed is that within a short amount of time after praying to receive guidance, I will be listening to a person speaking and suddenly I hear the answer to my question, or I feel attracted to books that open to the page I need to put my mind at rest. More often these days there is a settling in my heart and an inner knowing will be there for me. Even when I have those moments of clarity when I can channel information, there are times when my attachment to knowing can complicate my mental fields and it is more difficult to receive the answers I am seeking.At those times it is much better to put my questions aside and spend time connecting to my most enlightened state of mind. This is the place where I am breathing Divine Light through my energy centers and allowing myself to relax into my heart. When I give…Continue

How Do You Change Society? By Pamela Kribbe

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions on Tuesday. 0 Replies

Pamela channels EarthDear, beautiful people, I greet you all. I am the voice of Earth. Receive me into your midst for I am your mother. Open the cells of your body to me so I can sustain you  I would like you to relax, so do that now. Let go of all tension, the many thoughts in your head, the repetitive worries that many people have; let them blow away. Let air flow through and around you.You are so dear to me. I love you so much, and I welcome you.Trust me, which is something that has never been taught to you. In fact, you have been taught to distrust me. As a child, you learned very early to rely on the energy, and the capabilities, of your mind in order to organize life so it can be managed.A large part of the upbringing and education of children aims at making life manageable, as well as making people adapt to a social system that has already been firmly established. This kind of upbringing and education confuses children, because in them still lives a spontaneous, intuitive flow that is strongly connected to their emotions, which are often still very direct and raw, and this scares adults. In the course of your upbringing, you become wary of your emotions, of the power of them, the passion in them, of their boundlessness.But are emotions really without bounds? No, emotions have their own dynamic. If you let them take their course, in time they will find a natural balance by themselves. When you allow a child to let off some steam when it is angry – because it feels unfairly treated, for example – the child will, in time, naturally return to a state of silence, of reflection. It is sometimes necessary to help the child do that, but what often happened in the past, and what is still happening today, is that such an emotion is suppressed and prevented from being expressed. By doing this, from early on in the child’s life, its natural emotional life becomes restricted.You are so pressured into becoming a controlled adult, who is not accustomed to trusting its…Continue

Present Moment Ascension by Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi and Master El Morya

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 22. 0 Replies

Present Moment Ascensionby Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi and Master El MoryaChannelled through Natalie Glasson- 21st November 2014- www.omna.orgMaster Djwhal Khul: I have gathered you today within the Library of Consciousness upon the inner planes within the Second Ray Ashram within the Synthesis Department. Welcome to Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and all souls who are attending and listening consciously or unconsciously. We act as representatives of certain qualities of the Creator; these qualities held within our beings have become pathways guiding us in interaction, connection, actions and our roles of support for all souls within the ascension process, especially connected to the Earth. I, Master Djwhal Khul, hold the vibration of synthesis, the magical process of merging the Creator’s energy, light, vibration and consciousness to create greater manifestations of the Creator. The quality of synthesis is akin to sacred alchemy which one can observe within their being, reality and consciousness. The greatest purpose, in my opinion, of the ascension process is to experience the process of synthesis with the Creator; seeing ourselves as an aspect of the Creator merging with another aspect of the Creator. Acknowledging that separation is non-existent and yet experiencing a synthesis and creation of light as if it is new or a birth of energy. Every process and aspect of ascension requires the experience, belief in and acceptance of synthesis; it is a process of acknowledging self and Creator in all forms thus embarking on an experience born from acceptance whic h creates a journey of transformation, greater self-knowledge and appreciation of truth. To synthesis is to exist…Continue

Invocation of Cosmic Love Light For This Golden Age of Enlightenment

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 21. 0 Replies

Beloved Glorious I AM Presence, Light of my soul, may the Light of Cosmic Illumination, the Light of Cosmic Victory and Love be poured into the Earth from all available Sources, like the Light of a thousand suns to permeate the atmosphere of Earth, to saturate all Her people and Her many kingdoms.May all negativity, illusion, glamour and karma be transmuted by this Great Cosmic Light of God that never fails.May the Great Golden Age of enlightenment, love, peace, brotherhood and prosperity for all be established now upon our dear planet by the action of this Great Cosmic Light. By the authority of my Beloved I AM Presence and the authority of every Beloved I AM Presence of Humanity, all the Kingdoms of the Earth, the Light of the Mother/Father, by the authority of the entire Spirit of the Great White BrotherhoodI decree:As a Son/Daughter of God, "I AM" the authority on Earth, and I AM calling now for the action of the Light of a thousand suns to be released now on this beloved planet for the immediate transformation of Earth into the "Shining Star" that is Her destiny and for the raising up of all humanity into their Eternal Freedom in the Realms of Light and Divine Perfection. I request that the Light that is needed to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in Heaven be released now without limit in accordance and in absolute alignment with Prime Creator's Divine Plan for the Earth, all of Humanity and all the Kingdoms of the Earth.And I Am grateful ! ! !Thank You God ! And So It Is !Continue

Introduction To the Creator's Immaculate Rays of Perfection

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 19. 0 Replies

INTRODUCTION TO THE RAYSThe color rays are frequencies of light which have been in existence and part of sacred geometry from the beginning.  Each color ray vibrates and resonates their own particular frequency.  You might notice you are attracted to one color and not attracted to another.  This is your resonance.  If you are highly spiritual you most likely will be very comfortable with blue colors and you might gravitate to those colors in your wardrobe.   If your third eye area is activated you will be attracted to Indigo's and violet shades for your crown chakra.The bottom line is that each color in the frequency rainbow all the way to the new luminescent colors carry information in the frequency and vibration of its color.   The Rays are whole building blocks of information available for you to tap into and utilize.  This is what Master Djwhal Kuhl was teaching in his twelve ray information through Alice Bailey.  Now we have even more higher frequency color ray information available to us and all we have to do is tap into it and bring the frequencies into our body, mind and spirit.The color rays 13-24 are no longer a blending of colors into a solid color, they are a swirling and merging of colors with each color maintaining its integrity while bringing its essential frequency still intact to the mix.Of note is the Silver/Gold Rays which are masculine and feminine energies.  The  Silver Color Ray is Feminine energies and the Gold Color Ray is Masculine energies which have now merged into White Gold in unification of balanced masculine/feminine within each of us in the Newest Color Ray Frequencies.- Ascended Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul -USE OF THE RAYSEverything is made up of frequencies (different vibrations) of energy as are each of the twelve rays now on earth.  Working with…Continue

Healing A Broken Heart By ARchangel Michael Through Natalie Glasson

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 18. 0 Replies

Healing a Broken Heart by Archangel MichaelChannelled through Natalie Glasson- 14th November 2014- www.omna.orgI am Archangel Michael and I bring forth a soothing balm of light to gently and easily heal your heart and all the thoughts, emotions and feelings connected to your heart chakra. I have a role of bringing your heart chakra into the light and loving vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom to further more recognise the Creator within your loving heart energies.The heart chakra is so expansive, its energy and abilities are beyond any imaginable thought. Your heart chakra at a physical level is the key to unlocking and experiencing the heart energy and consciousness of the Creator. Imagine existing in and as the heart chakra of the Creator, it has a capacity to love on such a large, limitless and extreme level. Nothing is too small or large, too important or unimportant to be engulfed in the loving heart of the Creator. When you connect into your own heart chakra you are connecting into the heart chakra of the Creator, you are drawing upon, channelling and experiencing the supreme love of the Creator; a love that is beyond any boundaries and limitations. The more you connect with your own heart chakra seeing, sensing and acknowledging it as a portal and limitless gateway to the Creator the more you will develop your capacity to love in all situations and exp eriences. Love is healing and truthful, when you enhance your capacity to love you allow yourself to become the consciousness and energy of the Creator in manifestation.Certain situations and experiences are brought forth to you attracted by your soul to enhance your capacity to love. You could say that the gateway of your heart chakra is too small for the intense and supreme love of the…Continue

Downloading Your New Divine Blueprint - AA Michael Through Ronna Herman

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 17. 0 Replies

Downloading Your New Divine Blueprinta message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna HermanSaturday, 1 November, 2014 Beloved masters, never forget, your nearest and dearest friend should be yourself—your own Soul-consciousness.  Within your Sacred Heart center you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important of all, unlimited Sacred Love. From the beginning of the creative experience into density, all human life forms have been subjected to an ongoing, continuous series of revelations. A curious, inquiring mind was a built-in, intrinsic facet of human nature. The Earth is, once again, being prepared for a new, higher-evolutionary species of humanity.  All of you, as Star Seed and world-servers, are encoded with Memory Seed Atoms giving you a burning desire to participate in the manifestation of this incredible dream of the future.  Your personal goal is to become a Self-directed, Soul-inspired entity in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the current, third- / fourth-dimensional reality of today.A new Divine Plan filled with advanced creative ideas beyond the wildest dreams of even the most brilliant, advanced minds of today is being beamed down via the powerful Rays of God-consciousness upon Earth and humanity from the Great Central Sun of this Sub-universe.  An advanced Soul, treading the narrow path of ascension, must learn how to absorb and integrate the three major God Rays of the coming Age, THE SPIRITUAL TRINITY, consisting of: DIVINE WILL * LOVE/INTUITION * INTELLIGENT, PURPOSEFUL ACTION.Why not move into the center of the spiral of ascending consciousness, into the eye of…Continue

11:11 Gateway and the Councils of Light - Elders Through Anrita Melchizedk

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 13. 0 Replies

 11:11 Gateway and the Councils of LightMp3 download www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads  Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of November as you experience a greater sense of your creative gifts and a deepening of your star seeded heritage through the 11:11 Gateway of Light. In this month of November sweet ones, amplified through the Full Moon on November the 6th and 7th, you move into a greater sense of the creative energies of the universe, amplified through the beautiful emerald-green ray of Creativity, also known as the fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict.It is a time, sweet ones, in a greater expression of your magnificence and Light, in a greater expression of self-love and self-appreciation, of bringing a focus to your many gifts and the ability to amplify your gifts, to amplify your Heart's Dreaming and to experience your Heart's Joy. This beautiful emerald-green Flame of Creativity, or this fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict further takes you out of self-doubt or out of perceived conflict into a greater sense of simply trusting and surrendering to the Divine, into a deeper connection to your Beloved I AM Presence in inspiration, and into the knowing of your sacred contracts and how to fulfil this, is this Now moment.And as you enter through the 11:11 Gateway of Divine Love in this sacred year of 2014, sweet ones, you will come into a greater sense of the connection that you have to many of the Councils of Light from On High, and in this transmission with you…Continue

The Essence of All Healing - Mary Magdalene Thru Pamela Kribbe

Started by Steve Hutchinson in General Discussions Nov 11. 0 Replies

The Essence of All Healing  Pamela channels Mary MagdaleneDear women and men, I am very close to you, and you can feel me with your heart. I was called Mary Magdalene in one of my lives on Earth, and I have lived on Earth with sadness and joy, with fear and courage. Just like you, I have lived through every emotion while making the journey through the human experience.It is not a mark of holiness to transcend all human emotions. The characteristic of a saint is precisely that they recognize and understand every furrow in a human face. They have such a deep understanding of the human path on Earth that there is no room for judgement, only space and silence, and a deep understanding of the other person. When that other person is so deeply understood by a fellow human being, their burden becomes lighter. A human being who can deeply see in that way, sees the essence of the other person, that essence of infinite beauty and wisdom.You are people who want to see deeply, ever wanting to dig deeper and deeper to the essence, the Truth, and that is your great strength. You all are on the way to that space to which I referred, by first giving it to yourself and then by allowing space for all others, because you no longer need to judge, to separate good from evil, light from darkness. That space of which I speak is the Christ energy field. All who carry this energy came to testify to this space, but how do you do that? Words are always insufficient, because how do you describe that deep, quiet space which is not empty but full of feeling? Words fail.I felt this vast, quiet space in the presence of Jeshua, and that touched me deeply. I was opened by the energy of his presence where I then discovered that space within myself and gradually began to inhabit it and feel at home there. Because of that,…Continue

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